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Wine is a our way of life, and we truly believe wines is made for all seasons, and all reasons!


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Grafton Winery & Brewhaus


Mike & Lori

Mike and Lori started the Grafton Winery in 2008 with the downtown location. Their love for wine inspired them to create the Grafton Winery brand that everyone loves today. When distribution started and took off, they were in need of a much larger production space, which brought about our Vineyards location in 2015. Our vineyards location has four acres of grapes, a 5,000 sq ft pavilion, tasting room, and large production area! Mike and Lori are passionate about their wine, and it shows in the finished product!

Meet Our Talented crew

The Team

Our team is family to us here at the winery. We have a talented team that supports and makes the winery operate!

General manager

Jameson has been with the winery since 2018 in many capacities. He was named General Manager at the end of 2019 and is responsible for the day to day operations of the winery, including sales and marketing, maintaining our website, POS system, staffing, and other duties. Jameson is married to his wife Lucy, and they have one son named Harrison!

Wine club sales associate

Joann has been apart of the winery team since 2019 starting in our gift shop. Joann has assisted with planning and hosting our events in the past, and now focus her attention on our wine club members. Joann also wears many hats for the winery, assisting with a number of day to day offerings at the winery. Joann has quickly become the mother of the winery, providing guidance for our younger staff!

head chef

Matt is back at the winery for his second stint, running all operations of our kitchen. Matt has worked in several places in the area including St. Louis. He was most recently the General Manager for Texas De Brazil in STL. Matt brings years of experience and has anchored our kitchen staff and turned it into a well oiled machine! Matt is great with teaching our young staff and guiding them in their day to day efforts for a successful kitchen!

Winemaker & Brewmaster

Jason is the longest tenured employee at the winery! Jason started off as a server for the winery, primarily working down in the brewhaus. He slowly worked his way into assisting in the beer work for the winery, when that then turned into helping owner Mike with wine. Jason then turned his primary focus to wine and beer work and stepped away from the Brewhaus. Jason is married to his wife Katie and enjoys playing music with his band as well as art!

lead server

Libby has been with the winery since 2017 when she started as a food runner. Libby is now our lead server, responsible for all front of house staff when she is working. Libby is passionate about our furry friends, and currently works for kennelwood is customer service as well as training dogs. Libby is engaged to her fiancé Brandon, who she met while working at the Winery!

vineyards server

Dave is a hair stylist by day, and everyone’s favorite vineyards server on the weekends. Dave typically works Friday-Saturday at the vineyards providing for great entertainment and service. 

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